Work-Life Balance – Is it Myth or Reality?

Since my wife is vacationing in Europe with family, the whole concept of ‘work/life’ balance has been occupying my thoughts of late.

I often wonder if my work/life scale is in balance or in a state of constant flux. Sometimes I feel like I am back in 9th grade science class, trying to balance one of those metric scales with strange substances on each side (one of which was sure to cause a chemical burn).

How do we ever really know if we are balancing our businesses or careers with the other aspect of life?


When I worked in corporate America, it was widely assumed that anyone who had a ‘work/life’ balance was not serious about their career and they were doomed to the droves of mediocrity. I remember having lunch with about 7 or 8 co-workers one day and the subject came up. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

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7 steps to A Better You

In this post I want to share with you my 7 steps to a better you. I used this strategy many times and recently I helped my sister, she dropped out of high school 5 years ago and now she really wants to get her GED diploma. I will show how she and you can achieve your dream in just 7 simple steps.


STEP ONE – Reconstruct & Reconnect with YourSelf.

This step is the foundation that creates focus, energy & inspiration. It gives you direction and purpose so you are less likely to be distracted by all the things that life throws at you.Here you are powerfully stating what you want rather than what you don’t want. You recreate your most radiant and beautifully relaxed and empowered self.

STEP TWO – Find resources that will help you to achieve your goal. Make it real and relax. Never underestimate the power of tools. With right tools (resources) you will be able to achieve much better results. If you’ve ever tried to relax when you are stressed or when you have consumed a lot of sugar or caffeinated drinks you will know all difficult it can be. In this next step you burn off the stress hormone cortisol which creates inflammation and tension in the body. A body full of cortisol cannot relax.

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Promoting Small Business in the Smart Way

Marketing your website effectively is vital to the success of any business these days. For many small businesses your web site is the first, and sometimes only, point of contact your customers have. So making sure that those potential customers can easily find your website can make a massive difference to your bottom line.

Small businesses can’t always afford to pay the exorbitant fees charged by larger Internet Marketing firms and SEO agencies, but that doesn’t make it any less important to look critically at your website and ask a few question. promoting

If you run a blog, ask yourself: are you a good hostess on your blog?
All of the commenting doesn’t totally lie in the hands of the reader. The writer also needs to make it easy for people to want to comment. The writer needs to make sure that it is clear and very visible on where to comment. The writer replying to the reader’s comment also serves as an empowerment to the reader. Have you ever been bummed to see that you were the last comment and no one said anything in reply to you? Not even a simple thank you. Who wants to comment on a blog where no one is saying anything but the readers? It’s kind of like being a hostess. You invite people to your party, but don’t say anything to them once they arrived. Who would want to stay? If you do decide to stay, will you enjoy the party? Continue Reading

What is your PSI? Positive Self Image!

Everyone needs a PSI. The question is why and how good is yours? PSI will directly impact on your career, finances and your future. Believe me it works like magic, I have seen in my online classes people full of NSI (negative self image) and it was  sad to see how they get demotivated and dropped out of prep course one by one.


A major part of being successful is believing that you can be successful!.
Success involves three major areas; health, wealth and wisdom (education)

Under the wisdom area you need a good PSI. So what is a PSI? It stands for Positive Self Image. An important question to ask is why do so many people have a NSI – Negative Self Image? Once you understand this you can work on strengthening your PSI.

PSI is belief in yourself. It is so important that the experts on thought and personal performance say success is impossible without it, and I totally agree majority of people in GED school has problem with it. Continue Reading

The Factor that Matters Most in our Results Driven Economy

We live in results driven economy. Employers, clients, and people–at the end of the day–are interested in one thing: results. The days are gone when hard work for the sake of hard work mattered. It’s now all about producing; not so much about the style of performance, rather the outcomes of it.

This article is about better understanding your value in this results-based economy. Specifically, the focus is about the idea of hard work and the misconception that it’s a major factor of one’s value, because that’s simply not the case.

Hard work is important and should be the foundation to our unique skills…but it’s our unique skills that make us valuable.

Hard Work isn’t Enough

Work ethic is like gasoline to a car; it keeps it going. A cars overall performance has very little dependency on the gas. Gas is needed in order for a car to perform at any level…but gas isn’t the distinguishing factor that differentiates the performance between a Beetle and a Bentley. Even if it is your first car and you bough it by taking  a student loan, you have a vehicle that can help you to get from a point A to B.

So we can say that gas plays a foundation-level role in a cars performance. On the other hand, it’s the engineering sophistication that really separates the average vehicle from a high performance one. And what do we care most about? PERFORMANCE…it’s all about the results (horse power, speed, safety, capacity, etc). Continue Reading

Mastering the path to success

We have been examining what it takes to be a success in home Internet businesses. This post focuses on mastering what we have come to know as the ‘Slight Edge philosophy’.

Mastery in personal development

So you have started a work from home career and you have begun your personal development and you think how am I ever going to master this business?

Well I have news for you if you have started a business opportunity, and you get to the point where you have become regular improvements then you have become a ‘master’. Continue Reading

How to fish for clients

In this article I examine how to become a fisherman rather than a hunter in networking

Work from home careers operate best when fishing

There are two basic styles to trying to get leads when you have a network marketing or direct sales business opportunity as your work from home career. These two styles are; ‘hunter’ or ‘fisher’. First we define a ‘lead’ as someone who is showing a definite interest in your business opportunity.

‘Hunting’ – this is where someone aggressively seeks leads. They are always on the lookout and will chase down anyone relentlessly to get them to say ‘yes’.

‘Fishing’ – this is where someone sets out to ‘lure’ or attract someone who is already interested in your type of business to join you.

Hunting a poor way to earn extra money

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How to create invisible profits

There are two systems in which you can be successful; the wage system and the profit system. As you are a visitor to this Blog I am assuming you are interested in home Internet businesses, which is the ‘profit system’. What is special about these types of internet based businesses?

The problem with the wage system

Out of interest the only truly successful people in the wage system are Sports Superstars. So unless you can play tennis like Roger Federer the profit system is the only system where you can make money for yourself instead of, ‘the boss’, and where you can control your future.

As ways to earn extra money on the Internet of the three mentioned above I would venture MLM has attracted most criticism. The main problem with MLM’s is it is possible to make money fast however they miss an important element the other two have. This is called the ‘invisible profit system’. Also many MLM’s do never sell an actual useful product or service. They simply rely on recruiting more people. This can only go on for so long, people loose interest and ‘drop out’ so you have to keep recruiting.

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How to increase the perceived value of your product or service.

The story of the black pearl

With the outbreak of WW II, James Assael an Italian diamond dealer left Europe for Cuba. He made a good living supplying the US Army with good quality watches because he could source the diamonds from Switzerland.

At the end of the war the US Army no longer had the same demand for watches, so Assael found himself with a stockpile of watches. Japan wanted watches however had no money, so they bartered with pearls which they had by the thousand.

Eventually Assael became known as the “pearl king”. He met someone who had purchased an atoll where the Oysters produced black pearls. This person had tried to sell them but said there was no market. Assael waited a year until some better specimens came along and contacted Harry Winston the famous gemstone dealer. Harry Winston agreed to put them in his 5th Avenue Store with a ridiculously high price tag. They were strung along diamond, rubies and emeralds. At the same time Assael ran a glossy magazine advertising campaign. The pearls were soon seen round the necks of the wealthiest women in Manhattan. Assael had taken something of questionable value and turned it into an object of desire. [From Dan Ariely’s Book, Predictably Irrational]

I tell this story my students in my school where i work. Getting a degree is like this black pearl.  Continue Reading

How to avoid distraction when working at home

The secret to the disappearing doors problem

The disappearing doors problem is when you think opportunities you never knew existed will disappear. This post gives some advice on how to manage your opportunities.

A work at home Internet job and the disappearing doors situation

Home Internet businesses come in many types. This can create a problem which was identified by the French philosopher Eric Frohm in 1941. He wrote a book called Escape From Freedom, which I thought seemed a strange title. Why would anyone want to escape from freedom?

However as I have gained experience I can see what Frohm saw all those years ago. The situation we have arrived at in our modern day societies is one of too many opportunities as opposed to too few. We are constantly told of the things we can and should do before we die:

  • 100 places to visit before we die
  • 100 historical sites to visit
  • The next must see film
  • The next must visit restaurant

I am saying these choices are neither inherently good nor bad. Yet we do behave in a completely irrational way when sorting through these choices. This is the disappearing doors scenario. We believe if we choose one choice (door) over another then the other will disappear. So we spread ourselves too thin and try to keep every door open. The end result is we lack focus in all areas of our lives and wonder why we never fully succeed in any one area. Continue Reading